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Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.

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Welcome to the

Heworth Grange School

I am very proud to welcome you to Heworth Grange School.  Heworth Grange is an exciting place to learn and a school where we are committed to giving each student equal opportunities to succeed, regardless of their background.  We expect the best for all our young people, and we continuously strive to ensure they can engage with the highest quality teaching and learning as well as opportunities to develop personally.  We know that our young people learn best when they feel cared for and well-supported.  Heworth Grange is a ‘family away from home’ where we endeavour to ensure all our young people feel safe and secure so that they feel confident to engage fully in all aspects of their learning.

Our school ethos and values provide an important cornerstone in realising the potential of all students that we are proud to support.  At Heworth Grange, we do this through a blend of academic and therapeutic strategies underpinned by a well-developed personal development curriculum. To ensure our young people have the best opportunity to learn, we expect exemplary standards of behaviour, attendance, and respect for all within our inclusive school community and strive to encourage a thirst for learning.

Latest News

  • Parent/Carer COVID 29/11/2021

    29 Nov 2021

  • Parent and Carer letter 02/11/21

    02 Nov 2021


    Dear Parents and Carers


    It was lovely to welcome students back to school today after the half term break and following a very productive training day on the 1st November.  During the training day we reflected back on our values and culture and what is important to us as an organisation so that we can support our young people.  We also reviewed how successfully we have implemented our curriculum this year and how we can continue to improve lessons for students as well as co-curriculum. During another session we reflected on how we can support literacy across school to ensure our young people not only read fluently but that they understand the meaning of more complex words and feel confident using them.   In the final session we reviewed our attendance data and discussed strategies to support students with lower attendance.



    Attendance remains a key driver for us at Heworth Grange and we expect students to have attendance of at least 96%.  If you require any support with this, please contact the attendance team to discuss how we can help.  We know that if students attend school regularly then there is statistically a much higher chance of them achieving their target grades, when they do not the chances of them achieving their grades diminishes.  You will also be aware that attendance is critical for employability and that is why at Heworth Grange we want students to develop good attendance habits from the start of their school career.


    Sexual abuse and sexual harassment

    Parents and carers of students in Year 8 to 11 will recall that before the summer holidays I alerted you to a report written by Ofsted about sexual abuse and sexual harassment in schools across the country.  For parents and carers of Year 7 students please find the link below:



    This remains a key area of work for all schools and you will be aware from the news and national campaigns that this is an area of concern across the country.  At Heworth Grange we want all our students to feel safe and secure so that our young people can enjoy school and their learning.  We know that in schools sexual harassment and sexual abuse can and does happen, the report highlights the ways that this can happen to students both in and outside of school. 


    During last half term we spoke to groups of students about their experiences and what we can do at Heworth Grange to support equality and prevent incidents of harassment or abuse.  We know that being informed and educating our students is the best way forward so that they in turn know how to be safe and the importance of respecting others.  During the course of today we had assemblies with all our young people and talked about the issues raised during the discussions.  Students have been reminded about what constitutes sexual abuse and sexual harassment and what to do if it happens to them or if they see it happening.  We have also set up an email address which students can use privately to so that the safeguarding and pastoral teams can support quickly.


    For student use


    In addition, we have set up a separate email address for parents and carers to report any issues that children may disclose at home. 


    For parent and carer use


    Students also have age appropriate lessons on healthy relationships during their personal development lessons where they can discuss their concerns and thoughts on these issues. We will continue to work on this aspect of personal development and I thank you in advance for your support. I will provide further updates as we go through the half term.


    As always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact school.


    Ms. A Denholm, Headteacher

  • RSHE Policy - Parent Letter 01/11/21

    01 Nov 2021

  • Heworth Headlines - Issue 7

    22 Oct 2021

    October 2021 Half term Edition of Heworth Headlines

  • Letter to Parents/Carers 22/10/21

    22 Oct 2021

    Dear parents and carers, Thank you for your support throughout this half-term, it has certainly been a very busy one.  The students have been amazing and their determination and hard work throughout the term has filled me with joy.  We h
  • COVID Immunisations

    19 Oct 2021

    After further contact from the NHS immunisation team yesterday, they are unable to come and do the COVID vaccinations today due to a backlog from their other schools yesterday. They will now come on Friday 22nd to complete outstanding COVID vaccinations. My apologies for the inconvenience caused, but this is entirely out of the school’s control. This does give us the opportunity to now accept COVID consent forms until Friday 22nd at 9am and students can collect forms tomorrow and Thursday if they did not do so yesterday.

    Please remember, this is only for students who are eligible (aged between 12 and 15), it is the FIRST COVID vaccination for those who couldn’t get it when the nurses were in last time and, there is no flu immunisation being offered, it is just the first COVID vaccination.

  • Safeguarding Letter 14/10/21

    14 Oct 2021

  • Lesson 6 info - Year 11

    28 Sep 2021

    Dear Parent/Carer,                                                                                                                         September 2021

    Period 6 Lessons Wednesdays & Thursdays 2:45pm-3:30pm

    As part of our strategy for ensuring your child is fully prepared for their examinations in Summer 2022 your child will be beginning their Period 6 lessons from Wednesday 29th September.  These will take place every Wednesday and Thursday and all students in Year 11 will participate.

    Over the year the subjects covered in these lessons will change, but initially your child will be attending lessons in one of the core subjects: English, Mathematics or Science.  They will be told on Wednesday which group and subject they will be attending.

    We are confident that Year 11 will continue the excellent attendance and exemplary behaviour of previous years and we know that these sessions have a huge positive impact on student progress and attainment.

    Thank you for your continued support.


    Mrs C Froom                      Miss S Rennie

    AHT Assessment              Head of Achievement (KS4)

  • Immunisations 27/09/21

    26 Sep 2021

    Dear parents/carers   Many thanks to all those parents and carers who have returned consent forms for the COVID vaccination and/or the flu immunisation, these will take place on Monday 27th September if you have returned the consent forms.
  • Letter to Parents/Carers - 24/09/21

    24 Sep 2021

  • Open Evening 2021

    21 Sep 2021

    Heworth Grange will be welcoming all prospective students, parents and carers to our Open Evening on 12th October 2021 between 6-8pm

    This is a perfect opportunity to have a look around our school, see our excellent facilities and meet with students and staff. There will be presentations from the Headteacher at several points during the evening. There will also be lots of exciting activities to take part in across different departments to give you an idea of what it is like being part of the Heworth Grange community.

    We look forward to meeting you

  • Letter to Parents/Carers — 03/09/2021

    03 Sep 2021

    Letter to Parents/Carers - 03/09/2021

  • Heworth Headlines-July 2021

    02 Aug 2021

    Issue 6–July 2021

  • Year 13 Results Day

    22 Jul 2021

  • Year 11 Results Day 2021

    20 Jul 2021

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