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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.

Our Uniform

All pupils are expected to wear full school uniform which can easily be purchased from any supermarket or high street stores, with an exception made for schools’ blazers and ties which must have official school branding.

Blazers and ties can be purchased from the Michael Sehgal and Sons website, click below to visit their page:

Heworth Grange School - Schools: Michael Sehgal and Sons Ltd, Buy School Uniform

Uniform Expectations:


Black Tailored Trousers
Pleated Black Skirt - Knee Length
V-Neck Jumper - Navy

Compulsory Uniform:

Compulsory Uniform
School Blazer with school logo on breast pocket. Purchased from Seghal’s.
School Tie. Purchased from Seghal’s.
White Collared Shirt.  
Either black tailored trousers or black pleated skirt. These do not need to be purchased from the uniform supplies but should comply with the example shown below.
Trousers must not be jeans or jean style. No patch pockets or rivets are allowed.
Trousers should be full leg length.
No leggings/jeggings.
Black tights or white plain ankle socks with a skirt. Black stretchy trousers with gold zips are not permitted from September 2022.
Black elasticated/ stretchy skirts are not permitted from September 2022.
Black ankle socks with trousers. No fashion socks.
Tights should not be patterned.
Plain black, polishable leather/leather type dress shoes. No open toe footwear, plimsolls, trainers or ‘Van’ style footwear. No training shoe brands such as Nike, Adidas etc...
No coloured markings or lacing of any kind on shoe.
No canvas or suede shoes. (canvas or suede must not be on any part of a shoe)
Any boots must be plain leather type and worn under trousers.
No Ugg style boots.
Waterproof outdoor coat, dark in colour. No sweatshirts, hoodies, sleeveless jackets.
No tracksuit tops.
No fleeces.
No denim.
No leather jackets.
Coats should be plain without embroidery, designs or patches.
Optional Uniform
V-neck, navy blue jumper or cardigan Plain without any logos

PE Kit:

PE Kit:
Navy Polo Shirt Pupils may wear either shorts or tracksuit bottoms.  Ideally they should have both items as some activities are more suited to one or other of these items. 
Navy Hoodie PE hoodies cannot be worn around school other than for PE related activities. 
Navy Blue Shorts and/or Navy Blue Tracksuit Bottoms  
Plain Sports Socks
Football Boots and Shin Pads  Blue or Black Sports Leggings (optional)

No kit other than that specified above will be accepted in P.E lessons. Navy Hoodies must be without large logos, however branding smaller than a £2 coin on the breast area is acceptable.

Our Uniform Policy:

Full school uniform is to be worn to and from school and at ALL TIMES in school. 
Students who wish to wear a skirt must only wear it at a modest length. Skirts must be no shorter than 3" above the knee.
Over-knee socks or leg-warmers are not allowed.
Your shirt must be tucked into your trousers or skirt and buttoned to the neck. Only school related badges are to be worn on your blazer lapels.
The sleeves of your blazer must not be pushed or rolled up.
The cuffs of your jumper must not be pulled or rolled down below the sleeves of your blazer.
Shirt cuffs must not be turned up over your blazer.
When the weather requires an extra layer, a scarf and an appropriately smart dark coat or anorak with no large logos may be worn over the school blazer. Coats are not permitted in the building and will be taken off students until the end of the school day if they are seen wearing them indoors.
Hoodies and tracksuit tops are not permitted in school and will be taken off students until the end of the school day if they are seen wearing them indoors.
Trouser bottoms must not be tucked into socks.
Hair: Only conventional styles, cuts and natural colours are permitted.  
Extreme hair colours and styles are not allowed, particularly shaven designs, number one clipper grades and excessive braiding. 
Plain black or plain navy hijab’s. (if required) 
Jewellery of any description is not permitted and is not practical for many reasons: Bracelets and charity bands are not permitted. 
No nose, lip, eyebrow, tongue or stomach studs or piercings.  
Students will be required to remove any items of jewellery which contravenes this code; they will be confiscated until parents collect them from school. If you do decide to allow your child to have additional piercings, please ensure that they are removed for school. 
Wrist watches are permitted.  
Smart watches are not permitted.
Only natural looking make-up is permitted: Excess facial or hand make-up will have to be removed.
Nail Varnish and False Nails are not permitted, False eyelashes are not permitted.
Tattoos: Tattoos are not allowed.
Mobile phones and electronic devices: School will not be held responsible for any mobile phones or electronic devices brought in by pupils.
Mobiles and electronic devices should be switched off at all times indoors and kept out of sight. 
Any mobile phones seen or heard will be confiscated and placed in student reception until the end of the day.

Equipment Expectations:

Equipment Expectations:
Every student is expected to have an appropriate school bag. This is one that would fit a A4 folder in it. It is an expectation that all students walk around the academy with their school bag. Students who do not have a school bag will be loaned one from school.  
Every student is expected to have their own pencil case with at least the basic equipment of: 
2 pens that are blue or black in ink 
2 pens with green ink for self-assessment 
2 pencils