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About Consilium

Consilium Academies is a multi-academy Trust working across the North of England. It has nine academy schools located in Yorkshire, the North West, and the North East. Consilium is dedicated to enriching lives and inspiring ambitions for both students and colleagues.

Ethos & Values

Heworth Grange School is truly ‘A family away from home’. We want to inspire your child to realise their ambitions while developing a determined and resilient attitude to their learning, and rest assured, Team HG will be beside them every step of the way. We know there might be bumps in the road, but our core purpose is to support our students to overcome any barriers that life puts in the way and we want every student to reach for the stars!

Our shared vision

At Heworth Grange our vision is:

“To provide the opportunity for a world-class education for all”

We realise that to reach our long-term goal we need to embody our mission statement day in and day out. We know we need to work together as Team HG with students, staff, governors, and parents, alongside Consilium Trust and our community partners.

Our shared mission

Heworth Grange School endeavours to create a positive, encouraging, and respectful environment that embraces our community diversity and puts our young people at the heart of everything we do.  Through the continued development and skillful delivery of an exceptional academic, vocational, and personal curriculum, we will empower our young people to reach their goals; so that they, in turn, become active, responsible, and culturally aware citizens in our ever-changing world.

Our shared values

Our values will support us through this mission, they will guide our decisions, our interactions with each other, and the curriculum choices we make:

Every child — No Excuses

At Heworth Grange, we want every single student to achieve their potential. We go the extra mile for our students and understand that some of them will require more support to overcome barriers to learning than others. We work collaboratively to problem-solve and find the best therapeutic and academic solutions for our students to achieve the best possible outcomes.

High Expectations

We know that expecting the best from all our students is integral to them achieving a world-class education. We strive day in and day out to ensure the highest standards of behaviour, so everyone can learn in a safe and secure environment. We work tirelessly to embed the importance of attendance as a vital employability skill and work collaboratively with parents and carers to ensure all students attend school. High expectations guide our conversations and interactions with each other, and we use positive language and behaviours when we communicate with each other.

Engaging Learning

We know great teaching and learning every day will make a difference for our students and will support them to achieve their very best. We want to ensure all students are fully engaged and inspired by learning experiences and as educators, we fully commit to professional development, so we continuously develop and provide the best experiences for students through a curriculum that has our young people at its heart.

No Islands

We know there is strength in unity and at Heworth Grange we do not want anyone to feel like an island. We care for each other, support each other, and know this means we learn better. Our No Islands culture means we work collaboratively with parents, carers, outside agencies, governors, and other Trust schools. We value relationships above all else because we know that trust is vital to the success of our organisation.



  • A family away from Home
  • Reach for the stars
  • Feedback is a gift
  • Work hard and be kind


As part of Consilium Academies, we're committed to the following Equality Objectives:

  1. Embed a strong data management system across the Trust, supporting each academy to monitor and analyse pupil achievement and progress by ethnicity, gender, and disability, and act on any trends or patterns in this data that identify the need for additional support for pupils with the aim of narrowing the gap for equality groups.
  2. Implement a Trust-wide HR information system, ensuring that this incorporates the ability to provide robust reporting on and monitoring of equalities data.
  3. Through the use of peer networks across the Trust, ensure that the PSHE curriculum across the Trust is broad and balanced, and provides students with a high-quality education surrounding equality and diversity.
  4. Plan systematically to improve our understanding and promotion of diversity, establishing an equality and diversity focus group to drive this aspect of our work and ensure that our equality and diversity practices are sector-leading.