NFL Link up

Jagtag event The JagTag festival held at Gateshead Stadium today saw over 300 students benefit from the Jacksonville Jaguars/Gateshead Senators partnership. The basic skills of throwing, catching and evading were practiced then put into minor game situations to enable the students to get a flavour of what JagTag Football can provide.The students showed [...]

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UKMT Senior Maths Challenge

Heworth Grange students take part in UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. On the 7th November A-level Maths students took part in the annual UKMT Senior Maths Challenge. This is a 90 minute paper with 25 multiple choice questions. The questions are challenging and require creative use of maths to solve correctly. Across the world about 100,000 [...]

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Senior Maths Team Challenge

On 23rd November 4 members of the sixth form took part in the Senior Maths Team Challenge at Northumbria University. The competition involved 3 rounds of questions including a cross number and team relay. The questions were very challenging, particularly as no calculators were allowed. Many teams from all over the North East were involved, [...]

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England Duty for Futsal players

One of our current Year 12 Futsal students Jake Charlton was selected to represent England Under 19's on Saturday 4th November. Jake scored in a 4-3 defeat to Manchester Futsal Club in an exhibition game prior to the England vs Wales senior Futsal International match. Remarkably, one of our ex-students Adam Byron was also [...]

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